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Men’s Sexual Integrity – Addiction Recovery Group

Starting Thursday night 9-25-14 Crossroads Counseling will be offering another group for men. Sessions will be weekly Thursday nights from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Fees are $50 per session. We will be using material from Dr. Patrick Carnes, Dr. Laaser, and Dr. Ted Roberts. Materials are a one time $40 fee. Dave Brown LCSW (see website) will be leading the group. Call the Crossroads office 918-270-4100 for further information and to talk to Dave Brown.

The impact of sexual addiction and the use of Internet pornography have profoundly impacted western culture and the church. National leaders point out the growing numbers of people becoming addicted to Internet pornography. The Internet has changed the impact of pornography on people. Men, women, and children are all being affected by living in a sexually saturated culture. Led by a licensed clinical therapist, this group is designed to provide resources for men struggling with problematic sexual behavior. Group support and tools to enable and equip men to overcome past behavior problems.

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