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Understanding and Treating Sexual Addiction Training Event

Crossroads Counseling and Consultation Invites You to Attend:

Understanding and Treating Sexual Addiction Training Event

Comprehensive Training for Clinicians and Pastoral Specialists

April 23-26Tulsa, Oklahoma

This 4 day course meets the educational requirements for the Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist and the Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist through the International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists, the leader in the field for certifying and training specialists.   During the 4 days you can earn 28 CE credits through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), NAADAC, and the NASW.The first portion of this course provides the foundation for treatment in a variety of settings.  During the second half, the clinicians will receive advanced clinical training and the pastoral/ministry specialists will receive advanced pastoral sexual addiction treatment training appropriate to the work setting.  The first two days are together, the last two days are in separate groups.Topics Include:

  • Sex Addiction 101: Confronting the challenges
  • Neurochemistry: ADHD & other comorbid disorders
  • Trauma model treatment in the sexual addict and spouse
  • Working with family members of sexual addicts
  • Building Blocks for Your Wall of Recovery
  • The Heart of Recovery and Transformation
  • Working with spouses/partners of sex addicts
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Spirituality in Recovery
  • Working with sexually addicted adolescents
  • Same sex attraction and gender-identity issues
  • Spouses/Partners of Sex Addicts and their families
  • Experiential treatment for sex addicts and spouses
  • Sexually addicted and traumatized children
  • Female sexual addicts
  • Stepfamily dynamics in sexually addicted families
  • Satir treatment methods and addiction
  • Couples in recovery
  • Tools of recovery
  • Distinguishing problematic sexual behavior from addiction/compulsion
  • Narcissism and personality disorder features in addicts
  • And many, many, more…

In the second half of the training, the pastoral ministry students will have the following topics:

  • Sex Addiction, Christians and the Church – Past, Present, and Future Trends
  • Collateral Damage – the Impact of Sex Addiction on the Local Church and Church Ministries
  • Meltdown – Anatomy of a Sexually Addicted Couple in Crisis
  • “Help!” – Providing Real Hope and Help When Sex Addicts and Spouses Come Calling
  • First Thing’s First – When to Refer In vs. Referring Out
  • Providing Pastoral Care for Sex Addicts and Spouses -Hope and Help Best Practices
  • Providing Pastoral Care for Pastors and Staff Who Struggle
  • Providing Pastoral Care for Parents and Kids Who Act Out Sexually
  • Sexual Integrity Discipleship – the Key to Restoring Sexual Integrity and Healthy Intimacy
  • Mentoring and Accountability

Recommended reading prior to attending training
Stop Sex Addiction – Dr. Milton Magness
The Betrayal Bond – Dr. Patrick Carnes
Don’t Call it Love – Dr. Patrick Carnes*

Spouses of Sex Addicts: Hope for the Journey – Richard Blankenship (with Melissa Haas, Joyce Tomblin, Debbie Whitcomb, Heath Wise)
Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal – Dr. Barbara Steffens & Marsha Means

Ready to Heal – Kelly McDaniel

Pure Desire – Dr. Ted Roberts**

Break Free – Russel Willingham**

*Clinicians track

**Pastoral/Ministry track

Course Faculty Members Include:

Richard Blankenship, LPC, NCC, CCH, CCPS, CCSAS

Dr. Barbara Steffens, LPCC, CCPS, CCSAS

Dr. Mark Richardson, CPSAS

Francoise Mastroianni, LPCC, CCPS, CCSAS

Troy Snyder, LPC, CCSAS

Note: not all faculty will be present at each training.  Additional faculty will be brought in as needed to insure the best possible training.  All of our main faculty members have a minimum of 10 years experience in the field.  Click on each name to read more about the instructors.
For more information or to register by phone call 470-545-4380. Email at

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