Crossroad’s Partnerships

If you are looking for more specialized care, these partners of Crossroads offer great resources.

The Roadmap Counseling: From Sexual Addiction to a Healthy Marriage

In the many programs, the main focus has been on the addict without much treatment focused on the partner. The Roadmap views the couples relationship as a whole and works with both partners to work towards healing. We treat the partner from a trauma perspective instead of as a co-addict. This treatment model assists the partner in finding safety and self-worth, creating boundaries, utilizing self-care, and dealing with the pervasive trauma symptoms they experience in the aftermath of discovery. The goal of counseling is not only for the addict to find freedom, but also for the partner to learn how to cope with the trauma and work towards healing and restoration.

The Robertson Center: A nonprofit 501(C)3 medical and mental health education center

The Robertson Center serves those who are uninsured or otherwise without access to primary care. We are a health education promotion center, incorporating treating the whole person: spirit, soul, and body.

Our goal is to help our patients rise above their health condition to live a full life. Our volunteers and staff create a team focused approach to health, to see families become actively involved in total care.