FAQs about NeuroFeedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, how does NeuroFeedback work?

After you go through your initial assessment and receive your brain map, yours is compared to a large database of other brain maps so your specialist is able to determine what parts of your brain need to find balance. The data gathered is then used to set up your NeuroFeedback treatment sessions. Over your sessions, your brain is trained to naturally stay focused and to set up better thought patterns. This overall reduces the brain-based symptoms you are experiencing.

Is biofeedback the same as neurofeedback?

NeuroFeedback is a specifically designed form of biofeedback. Biofeedback refers to a discipline approach where a person learns to adjust certain body functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, or in this case, brain wave patterns. Neurofeedback can also be referred to as neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback, and EEG biofeedback.

Are there any side effects reported for neurofeedback?

No. In the 40 plus years that neurofeedback coaching has been accessible, no side effects have ever been disclosed.

Does brain mapping or neurofeedback training sessions interfere with current medications?

No. We encourage you to continue taking any medications endorsed by your physician. Over time, we will cooperate with you and your prescribing physician to decide if you may be able to reduce or disregard medications, based on your results.

Are neurofeedback session results long lasting?

Yes. In the same way you learned a new skill like riding a bike, patients complete their treatment and do not typically need to return. However, some people decide to continue NeuroFeedback sessions periodically as a “tune-up” or return later on to address new challenges.

Will I notice a difference right away?

Most patients note positive changes after 6-8 NeuroFeedback sessions. It has been reported that some patients have noticed differences after their first session.

Will neurofeedback therapy change my personality?

No. NeuroFeedback sessions are constructed to aid your brain’s communicating abilities more efficiently, and help your connections stay balanced. It can make you calmer, less prone to stress, and more clear headed. It will not adjust your hobbies, interests, or your personality.