NeuroFeedback Pricing

NeuroFeedback Rates:

First Consult- Covered by insurance.


This beginning part of your NeuroFeedback journey allows you to discuss with Judy your reason for wanting to do neurofeedback and what your chief complaints are. This is your first psychiatric evaluation with our specialist and it will help her determine if NeuroFeedback is the best fit for you.

Initial qEEG- $550.


The first brain-map that will give us a guide of what protocols and how to treat a patient with NeuroFeedback. This $550 covers both the initial “before” qEEG and the “after” qEEG at the end of their treatment. During this session, a cap is placed on your head that measures the frequencies of your brainwaves 19 sites of the brain, allowing us to capture your various neural networks. We analyze both speed and connectivity in the brain to determine how optimally your brain is functioning. Looking at your brainwave activity can provide our clinical specialists valuable insights into what is contributing to your unwanted symptoms or challenges.

Follow-up after initial qEEG- Covered by insurance.


This will be the session Judy will interpret the results of the qEEG with the patient and discuss which protocol they will be using. You will sit down together and she explains your brain-map to you. This is a very interesting time with you and Judy and you will get to see a visual of what is happening with your brain and how it works. She can then begin designing the customized treatment plan specific to your needs.

 NeuroFeedback Sessions (Minimum of 20 sessions)-

Session to Session:

Per Session: $125.

Total Investment: $2500.

10 Session Pay Up Front:

Per Session: $100

Total Investment: $2000

So a patient could save $250 per group of 10 by paying up front. Total investment of $2000 if paying in chunks or $2500 by paying session to session.


This is the session where you will thoroughly get treated. For 30 minutes each session, the EEG will monitor your brain functions while watching a movie. When your brain's frequencies deviate from therapeutic range, the movie pauses, indicating something is out of balance. Once you return to healthy brain patterns, the movie will resume.

After Neurofeedback qEEG- Already covered in previous payment.


This will show the improvements they have achieved though their NeuroFeedback training. As you go through the program, your brain subconsciously learns how to tame itself and stay within an optimal range. To keep you on track, Judy will periodically assess your results throughout the treatment program.

After Neurofeedback Assessment- Covered by insurance.

This is where Judy will go over the results of the final qEEG and provide feedback on how to proceed from this point forward. After analyzing your sessions of treatment, Judy will be able to turn you in the right direction from what you have learned together about your brain.

Above is an example of a patient with PTSD before and after.


Minimum Investment to have a full NeuroFeedback treatment protocol- $2,550 if paid in advanced in bulk or $3,050 if paid session to session.


This includes an initial assessment, 2 Full Cap qEEG’s, 20 Sessions of NeuroFeedback, and an after assessment. The patient will experience the initial assessment to determine how your brain is working. The full cap qEEG's will give your specialist the brain map to understand how she needs to develop your plan of treatment. The sessions of NeuroFeedbacks will be where you thoroughly get treated, and then the after assessment provides a time for Judy to help you proceed forward.


Why Us?

Our Licensed Therapist, who is board certified in NeuroFeedback, is fully equipped to help you and lead you through this process. Need someone who understands to talk to?  Need someone who listens? Do you feel alone or hopeless at times? Does it bother you that you don’t know why? Do you ever need a quiet chat with a confidential friend? Or is it something you can't put your finger on, but you know you need sound counsel?  Our therapists understand exactly why you seek their services. Quiet chats are their specialty. Here at Crossroads Counseling you are among friends. Individual treatment, or psychotherapy, is meant to help people with any emotional issues present in their lives. It can be categorized based on the severity or intensity of the emotional issue.

Our compassionate, caring therapists are equipped to help you deal with anything that knocks you off your feet. Any situation or circumstance that is too up close and personal for clear thinking requires the help of those accustomed to handling life’s trials with best practices.  Crossroads Counseling licensed, experienced therapist offer professional counsel.