Claire Roarty, PA-C

Supervising Physician: Dr. Bradley McClure

Claire Roarty is a Physician Assistant who works with adults ages 18-50 for a variety of psychiatric diagnoses. She started working with mental health care with residential services when she was 17, which inspired her to seek a career in the medical field. She attended Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) and was part of the honors program there, as well as the math honor society. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from MSSU in 2016 with a major in biology pre-medicine, then transitioned to Missouri State to study to be a Physician Assistant. She received the  Bitter Scholarship award, a scholarship that is given the PA students competitive among their peers. She started practicing medicine in 2018 with Dr. Bradley McClure as her supervising physician.

Claire believes in setting people up for success with the mental health outcomes through  life style modifications and the addition of talk based therapy to mental health treatment plans. She motivates patients to invest proactively in skills and behaviors that increase their chances for positive outcomes with their mental well being. She will draw illustrations in office to help break down psychiatric topics (such as coping skills, mood ranges, and medication reactions) to help her patients better understand medications and/or treatment options when discussing their specific plan.

In her free time, Claire enjoys turning oxygen into carbon dioxide to silly tunes to her pets, following the American heart association recommendations for weekly exercise, and double checking to make sure her garage door is closed.