New Patient Instructions

Welcome to Crossroads Counseling!

Hello and welcome to Crossroads Counseling! 

We are excited to have you as a new patient.  Here is a summary of how to proceed after you spoke with the new patient team:


  1. Accept the invitation to the patient portal that we emailed you.
    1. Click on the link in the email
    2. Fill out the required information (email address and date of birth)
    3. Create a password
    4. Click the “Register” button
  2. Choose “Profile” on the next page
  3. Find the little clipboard icon that says “Forms” towards the upper right and click on it.
  4. Fill out all the forms completely.
    1. Remember to click “submit” when finished with a form.
    2. Call our office if you have technical issues with the forms.
    3. You are welcome to come into our office to fill out the forms on one of our iPads if you are having trouble filling them out on your own device.  Some forms don’t play well on cellphones.
  5. When you have completed your forms, call us or text us so we can set up your appointment.  Our software does not alert us to when the forms are complete, so you must tell us so we can approve and upload your paperwork into your chart for your provider to familiarize themself with the details of your case, to get you scheduled.
  6. You cannot self-schedule an initial appointment, only follow-up appointments, so it’s important that you inform us when the forms are complete so we can get you on the schedule correctly.
  7. Don’t be alarmed if you see your initial appointment scheduled for next year.  We do this simply to get your paperwork to your patient portal.  Rest assured that as soon as you inform us that your forms are complete, we will move that appointment to a time in the near future, not so far out.
  8. If you are scheduled for telemedicine and you have difficulties with technology, you are welcome to come into our office for your appointment and we can get you set up in a private room on one of our laptops so you will not have to log in on your own.
  9. It’s best to log into your telemedicine appointment 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment time.
  10. If your provider does not pull you into the Zoom meeting by 5 minutes past your appointment time, please text us to let us know, so we can troubleshoot why your provider doesn’t see you.
  11. The quickest and most efficient way to contact us is via text message to 918-270-4100.  While we do our best to answer phone calls, voicemails and portal messages, texts are monitored more closely.

Once again, welcome to Crossroads and thank you so much for choosing us for your mental health needs!