Sex Addiction Counseling

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Are You or Your Partner Suffering from Sexual Addiction?


Sexual addiction takes place outside of your normal sexual activities. Examples of this include pornography, phone sex, compulsive masturbation, and online sex services. If you are in state of constant sexualization of emotions or the feeling of loss without sex, this addiction may be something you are experiencing.

Why is The Crossroads Counseling Different?


In the many programs, the main focus has been on the addict without much treatment focused on the partner. The Roadmap views the couples relationship as a whole and works with both partners to work towards healing. We treat the partner from a trauma perspective instead of as a co-addict. This treatment model assists the partner in finding safety and self-worth, creating boundaries, utilizing self-care, and dealing with the pervasive trauma symptoms they experience in the aftermath of discovery. The goal of counseling is not only for the addict to find freedom, but also for the partner to learn how to cope with the trauma and work towards healing and restoration.

Meet Our Certified Sex Addiction Counselors:

Treatment by an Entire Team


In most traditional programs, there is only contact with one therapist. With the Crossroads Sex Addiction program, The Roadmap, your treatment and care will be continually maintained/reviewed by the entire team of certified clinical sex addiction and partner trauma specialists.


Diagnostic Clarity


Many people are labeled sex addicts by therapists without clear diagnostic criteria or scientific data to present to the client. The Crossroads Sex Addiction program, The Roadmap recognizes that in many cases it is important to test for other possible issues that may cause a person to act out sexually, such as depression, anxiety or trauma. The spouse may also receive testing in order to assess trauma and other underlying issues to aid in treatment planning.

Signs of Sex Addiction:

  • Sexualizing Emotions
  • Feelings of depression and helplessness without sex
  • Feeling unable to move due to sexual obsessions
  • Repeated, compulsive seeking for sexual activity
  • Participating in dangerous sexual activity
  • Compulsive Masturbation
  • Withdraw when you go without sex for too long
  • Withdraw when you go without sex for too long
  • Tolerance to sex, needing more sex to feel satisfied
  • Constant seeking of pornography
  • Jobs may be affected
  • Arrests for behaviors such as soliciting sex from prostitutes, having sex in public, and sexual harassment.
  • Financial Issues (due to spending money on porn and prostitutes)

Risks of Sexual Addiction:

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases of Infections
    • STDs and STIs are much more common when being involved in risky sexual behaviors.
  • Low Self Esteem
    • Most sex addicts experience lower feelings of self worth during the experience of sex addiction, often resulting in loss of self esteem.
  • Lack of Intimacy
    • Sex addicts find it hard to hold intimate relationships due to feelings of shame and guilt. They often are afraid of rejection and judgment.
  • Inability to Nurture Healthy Relationships
    • Sex addicts often feel like they are living two separate lives. They feel guilty having close relationships, because they feel as if they are lying to the ones they love.
  • Legal Issues (possible non-consensual sexual activities or other illegal sex activities)
    • According to the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, 58% of people dealing with sexual addiction take part in illegal sexual behavior.
  • Co-occurring addictions
    • 80% of sex addicts experience co-occurring addictions such as substance abuse, eating disorders, and gambling.

Verified Full-Disclosure by Addict


Partners of addicts experience a devastating tsunami of trauma, and ethically deserve a full and “once-and-for-all” disclosure, if desired. This helps to avoid the drip-by-drip disclosure process that traumatizes a partner repeatedly. With Roadmap Counseling, the couple will also be offered the option of a polygraph test early in treatment to ensure full disclosure of all facts concerning betrayal.

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