Chelsea Evans, Birth Doula

Chelsea Evans is a self-made birth photographer, experienced doula, wife and stay at home mom of two. She specializes in birth, motherhood and family photography. Chelsea’s passion for birth doesn’t end at photography, and it was through photography that she was inspired to learn more about birth and become a birth doula. In 2017 she trained as a birth doula through in Dona International, the world oldest and largest doula training and certifying organization.

Her goal and passion as a doula is to help women to have an informed, positive, and empowering birth experience. She has been blessed to have worked with many birthing families and facilities in a variety of settings. She values a relationship with her clients and her goal as your doula is to help you to achieve the birth you desire, come away with a fulfilling and memorable experience, and feel equipped and supported as you transition into parenthood.

As a photographer, Chelsea says it’s amazing to witness so many babies born into this world but even more than that, she treasures the joy it brings to parents to have their birth story captured, no matter what that story might be. Every birth has a story that deserves to be preserved and remembered for generations to come and she would be honored to capture yours. Chelsea has been photographing and attending births for over 3 years.
Her work has been shared countless times on different platforms online.


Chelsea knows with every fiber of her being that this is what God put her on this earth to do. She feels completely blessed that she has found her passion in life in providing premiere birth doula and photography services.